Big Wheels in Shanty Town

Released at March 1, 1991

Release date:

March 1, 1991


Virgin Records Ltd.






Opium (Arts) Ltd./10 Music Ltd.

Dolphin, faced for the crime
The birthday of time

From the album Rain Tree Crow
Cindy Crawford lost a law-suit for using the track Big Wheels In Shanty Town in one of her work-out videos.

Music written by R.T.C.
Computer programming: Steve Jansen
Keyboard programming: Richard Barbieri, David Sylvian

Additional vocals by Djene Doumbouya and Djanka Diabate.
The Phantom Horns arranged by Sylvian/Karn.

15 Nov 1995 USA Today: Cindy’s Sweat Suit: Supermodel Cindy Crawford is being sued by Virgin Records for allegedly using a song on her exercise video without permission. The U.S. District Court lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles says that Crawford and her producers used Big Wheels in Shanty Town in the Cindy Crawford Shape Your Body Workout without paying royalties. Virgin says it owns the copyright to the song. No comment yet from Crawford. Later versions of the video lack the Rain Tree Crow track.

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