Camphor (2-disc advanced promo)

Released at May 27, 2002

Release date:

May 27, 2002 


Virgin Records Ltd.





Advanced promos on CD-R. No additional artwork

A predominately instrumental compilation album, a companion piece to ‘Everything And Nothing’, this release also featured a number of remixes and previously unreleased material. The original 2002 limited edition release also included a remix of the ‘Plight and Premonition’ CD.

Producer David Sylvian at Samadhi Sound Studios
Technical advice and assistance – Dave Kent
Remixes by David Sylvian.

Tracklist identical to the Camphor 2 CD deluxe edition.


disc one

  1. All Of My Mother’s Names
  2. Red Earth (as Summertime ends)
  3. Answered Prayers
  4. The Song Which Gives the Key to Perfection
  5. New Moon at Red Deer Wallow
  6. Praise
  7. Wave (version)
  8. Mother And Child (remix)
  9. Plight (version)
  10. Upon This Earth
  11. Big Wheels in Shanty Town
  12. The Healing Place
  13. Camphor
  14. A Brief Conversation Ending in Divorce

disc two

  1. Plight
  2. Mutability
  3. Premonition

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