2001 – Everything and Nothing tour 01

In the period of September 24th to October 27th, David Sylvian performed live with his band, featuring Steve Jansen, Matt Cooper, Timothy Young and last but not least Keith Lowe, in several European and Japanese cities.
The Everything And Nothing tour will be remembered as one of David’s best live performances ever.
David Sylvian (Vocals, guitar)
Steve Jansen (Drums – JBK)
Matt Cooper (Keyboards – D*Note)
Tim Young (Guitar – Zony Mash,Wayne Horvitz)
Keith Lowe (Bass – Zony Mash,Wayne Horvitz)

Live sound engineer: Dave Kent

Tour manager: Brian Condliffe
Visual projects co-ordination: Yuka Fujii
Lighting design: Phil Wiffin and Eamonn Hunt

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