2011 – Punkt Festival

Punkt is a music festival in the city of Kristiansand in the south of Norway. The festival concept is centered around a stage/studio hybrid called the Alpha Room. This room is an extension of how the curators of the festival, Jan Bang and Erik Honoré, have worked with a range of Nordic and international improvisational artists over the last years; with live sampling and live electronics, and as record producers and remixers.

David will be creating an audiovisual installation entitled “Uncommon Deities”, and will curate an evening of concerts, including the debut live performance of his 1988 release “Plight and Premonition”. In addition to David, this concert will feature John Tilbury, Jan Bang, Erik Honoré, Eivind Aarset and Philip Jeck.

David will perform live on Saturday September 3rd at the Punkt Festival in a Special Edition Cartography concert, where the whole album will be performed by Arve Henriksen (trumpet, voice), David Sylvian (lyrics/spoken word), Eivind Aarset (guitars), Anna Maria Friman (vocal), Ingar Zach (percussion) and Jan Bang / Erik Honoré (live sampling, electronics).

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