2007 – The World Is Everything

David Sylvian, Steve Jansen David Sylvian tour Europe in September/October 2007 for the first time in 4 years.
On his reason for touring now, Sylvian writes:
“This tour is in part a means of putting earlier chapters of my working life behind me. Of embracing the work that was done and, with a sense of finality, cutting the ties that bind me to it as a body, an entity. In the future if I return to this material it will likely be in the context of a new body of work with which it shares a connection. In this sense there’ll be a greater clarity regarding the content of future performances (should there be any). But we are by no means focusing exclusively on the past as we shall be exploring more recently recorded compositions, in particular those from the ‘Nine Horses’ releases. ‘The World Is Everything’ will be an intimate show, in some ways an echo of the ‘Slow Fire’ performances of a decade ago only on this occasion I shall be supported by a trio of musicians, a line up which will include Steve Jansen on drums and samplers, and bassist Keith Lowe.”

David Sylvian, June 2007

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