This website is dedicated to the work of David Sylvian, former lead singer of the band Japan, during his solo-career starting in 1982.

This is version 6 of the website. Started as, it has grown and grown and was a well consulted David Sylvian resource on the internet. After the launch of this fifth version it will continue as, a reference-resource to be used besides David’s official website.

There are too many people I’d like to thank, but a few I have to mention. First of all I thank for their friendship Craig Peacock, Clive Maidment, David J. Nibloe and Pietrolungo Renzo. Furthermore people like Jeremy Cole, Eduardo Vale, Alicia Skibinski, Lina di Lorio and many more for their never ending interest and supporting email or post.
A special thanks goes out to Richard Chadwick of Opium (Arts) Ltd. for his always friendly, fast and helpful information and of course David Sylvian for his help, cooperation and being the reason for this site to exist. Still, many, many more people have helped me with lots of information, scans and items but please understand that I can’t thank you all on this page.

This is a non-commerce site! The creator/maintainer of this site does not intend to encroach on the rights of any copyright holder or licensee of material pertaining to David Sylvian and other people referred to. All artwork used on this website is copyright by the appropriate owner of the material. is operating with the co-operation of Opium (Arts) Ltd where possible. Still, I’d like to make it very clear that the contents of the site are purely my own personal opinions and are in no way endorsed by David, Opium (Arts) Ltd, Samadhi Sound and Virgin Records.

Support is a purely privately financed web site. If you enjoy visiting and if this web site gave you the information you wanted, you might consider to give a small donation to keep this site alive! Thank you very much in advance!

Happy reading.
August 2003.

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