Nine Horses – Snow Borne Sorrow (advanced promo)

Released at October 10, 2005

Release date:

October 10, 2005 


Samadhi Sound 2005




Samadhi Sound SS006

This is the advanced promo of Samadhi Sound with a printed CDR and CD inlay.

Stunning new group project featuring david sylvian, steve jansen and burnt friedman

Nine Horses’ ‘Snow Borne Sorrow’ is a collaboration between David Sylvian, his brother and frequent collaborator / drummer Steve Jansen (also formerly of Japan) and electronic composer / remixer Burnt Friedman.

executive producer david sylvian

engineered by sylvian, jansen, friedman
mixed by david sylvian with steve jansen at samadhisound
except Snow Brorne Sorrow: mixed by david sylvian with steve jansen and burnt friedman

Tracklist as regular release:

  1. Wonderful World
  2. Darkest Birds
  3. The Banality Of Evil
  4. Atom And Cell
  5. A History Of Holes
  6. Snow Borne Sorrow
  7. The Day The Earth Stole Heaven
  8. Serotonin
  9. The Librarian

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