Retrospective – God’s Monkey

Released at February 1, 1994

Release date:

February 1, 1994 


Virgin Records Ltd. US.




Virgin US DPRO-12805

Wonderful US compilation promo

Note: track 1 is an edit version of God’s Monkey 3.54

Two (!) versions exist: one with track 15 playing Canton and the other playing Ghosts. The tracklist is naming Ghosts as track 15. The two versions have different matrix numbers. That’s the set of numbers and letters etched on the inner groove of a CD. (Thanx Robert).
Version with “Ghosts” = DPRO12805-2 MO RE1 L3917P Y 1-2-2 EMI JAX
Version with “Canton” = DPRO12805-2 MO S3729F Y 1-1-3 EMI JAX

Note on track 14, Forbidden Colours. On the version with Ghosts on track 15, the Forbidden Colours (acoustic version 5:54) is played, but on the version that plays Canton, the regular features Forbidden Colours (4:37). (Thanks to Kei Kinoshita for this information)


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