Nine Horses – Snow Borne Sorrow (Belgium advanced promo)

Released at August 19, 2005

Release date:

August 19, 2005 


Nine Horses, excl. to SamadhiSound IIc.





no catalogue#



distributed by Lowlands

Exclusive distibuted to small record shops and journalists in Belgium initiated @ Lowlands Festival 2005

This promo CDR was distributed to small shops and journalists celebrating the release of the Snow Borne Sorrow album.

Some remarkable things can be noticed on the label:

– Lowlands Promotions is mentioned as distributor
– domains and do not exist (anymore)

It could be the case that these domains/sites were active in 2005 and that all their promotional activities have found home in Bertus Distribution & Marketing, the company that also distributes SamadhiSound releases in Belgium (Benelux).

No artwork included.

Tracklist is the same as on the regular release.

  1. Wonderful World
  2. Darkest Birds
  3. The Banality Of Evil
  4. Atom And Cell
  5. A History Of Holes
  6. Snow Borne Sorrow
  7. The Day The Earth Stole Heaven
  8. Serotonin
  9. The Librarian

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