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Amplified Gesture was first released in 2009, within the deluxe edition of David Sylvian’s groundbreaking album, Manafon. The film explores the journeys and philosophies of a select group of experimental musicians including Keith Rowe, Evan Parker, Eddie Prevost, Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura and Christian Fennesz. Intimately and eloquently, these exceptional artists reveal themselves through their ideas and working practices, creating a captivating document of a thriving and endlessly renewable music scene.

Revised and re-visited, this DVD release features a new chapter, titled ‘The collective’, in which contributors explore political questions arising both within and outside of their respective musical ideologies. In addition to artist biographies, the disc also contains interview excerpts and outtakes on a range of subjects; Fennesz talks of the notions of ‘depth’ and ‘impact’ within his sound world, while John Tilbury discusses Cornelius Cardew and Keith Rowe reflects on the role of architecture in AMM’s performances.

Also included on the disc is a short introductory film, written, directed and narrated by David Sylvian. ‘A man of no significance’ documents the journey and modus operandi of the Manafon recording sessions and the creative rationale for the production of the film.

The disc also contains Japanese subtitles.

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