Gone To Earth (re-issue)

Released at September 29, 2003

Release date:

September 29, 2003 


Virgin Records Ltd.




no cat #.

Two advanced CDR promos with printed Virgin info.

Inlay sheet only. Tracklist as on the retail version.

disc one:

  1. Taking The Veil
  2. Laughter & Forgetting
  3. Before The Bullfight
  4. Gone To Earth
  5. Wave
  6. Riverman
  7. Silver Moon
  8. Riverman (remix)
  9. Gone To Earth (remix)
  10. Camp Fire: Coyote Country (remix)

disc two:

  1. The Healing Place
  2. Answered Prayers
  3. Where the Railroad Meets the Sea
  4. The Wooden Cross
  5. Silver Moon over Sleeping Steeples
  6. Camp Fire: Coyote Country
  7. A Brief Conversation Ending in Divorce
  8. Home
  9. Sunlight Seen through Towering Trees
  10. Upon This Earth

Pictures kindly provided by the Ozboyz.


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