Rain Tree Crow (re-issue)

Released at September 29, 2003

Release date:

September 29, 2003 


Virgin Records Ltd.




no cat#

Advanced CDR with printed Virgin info.

Inlay sheet only.
Note: Length of I Drink To Forget is printed as 0:00!

Tracklist is the same as the retail re-issue of Rain Tree Crow.

  1. Big Wheels in Shanty Town
  2. Every Colour You Are
  3. Red Earth (as Summertime ends)
  4. Rain Tree Crow
  5. Pocket full of Change
  6. Boat’s For Burning
  7. New Moon at Red Deer Wallow
  8. Blackwater
  9. A Reassuringly Dull Sunday
  10. Black Crow Hits Shoeshine City
  11. Scratchings On The Bible Belt
  12. Cries and Whispers
  13. I Drink To Forget

Picture kindly provided by the Ozboyz.


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