Emily Dickinson (Dai Fujikura remix)

Released at May 23, 2011

Release date:

May 23, 2011


Samadhisound IIc.






Samadhisound IIc.


She was no longer a user
Don't think she realised we knew that
Not one to make a fuss
Why this and not something else
Wasn't it obvious?

She made such a hash of it
You can’t help but notice
A near absence of tenderness
And who wants to live like that?

And friends turned their backs on her
She, no longer a user
And she wanted to stay home
With a box full of postcards
And no place to send them
Live like Emily Dickinson
Without so much as a kiss
Or the comfort of strangers
Withdrawing into herself
But why this and not something else?

Remix of the Manafon track by Dai Fujikura.


Music by– Sylvian, Parker, Fennesz, Tilbury
Sampler by Jan Bang
Piano samples by– Christian Wallumrod
Lyrics by– David Sylvian
Vocals– by David Sylvian
Arranged by Jan Bang
Mixed by David Sylvian, Jan Bang

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