Words With The Shaman

Released at December 14, 1985

Release date:

December 14, 1985 


CD Single 


12": Virgin VS 835-12
3"CD-single 1988: Virgin CDT 23
12" Japa


Released in 3″ format, three years after it’s initial release on 12″ (VS835-12).
The German 12″ version (602 066) has all three WWtS tracks on side 1 and the track Preparations For A Journey on side 2. However, the labels list pt.1,2 on side 1 and pt.3 on side 2.


Written by 1,2 Sylvian/Hassel – 3 Sylvian/Hassel/Jansen.
Produced by David Sylvian and Nigel Walker.
Artwork by Amanda Faulkner

The 12″ confusion, Virgin 602 066:
version 1, (A side: pt.1+pt.2+pt.3 B side: preparations for a journey)
the manufacturer number in the vinyl side A: DM 602066 A-1/85S I
the manufacturer number in the vinyl side B: DM 602066 B-1/85S I
version 2, (A side: pt.1+pt.2 B side: pt.3)
the manufacturer number in the vinyl side A:DM 602066 A-2/85S I
the manufacturer number in the vinyl side B:DM 602066 B-2/85S I

Japanese version of the 12″ (VS835-12) has a complete identical sleeve but an additional obi and insert sheet. This sheet describes in Japanese, the chronology of David Sylvian, written by Kaz Akaiwa.


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