Joan As Police Woman – Holiday

7" single front
Released at September 10, 2008

Release date:

September 10, 2008 


Revela Records, Echo label Inc




7": REVEAL48
cd: Reveal 48P, PIASR 128 CDSP

7 inch vinyl and CD-single release of the single Holiday from the Joan As Police Woman’s album To Survive

7 inch vinyl
A lovely, limited edition (to just 400 copies) heavyweight picture disc houses this latest Joan Wasser emission, lifted from her sophomore album To Survive. ‘Holiday’ is a beautifully formed, loungey number that masquerades as a pleasant piano ditty of Vonda Shepard proportions until you start to notice it all starting to melt away towards the end, getting a little crazy and mutated in the best possible sense.
B-side ‘No Question’ has a far more exposed, bare sounding production which really makes the most of Wasser’s bewitching voice.

Transparent plastic sleeve with sticker mentioning ‘No Question’.

Simple cardboard sleeve with image work from the album.

  • 7" single front

  • 7" single back

  • 7" single sticker

  • CD single front

  • CD single back

  • CD single disc


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