Pop Song (Slip-case box CD single)

Released at October 2, 1989

Release date:

October 2, 1989 


Virgin Records Ltd.


CD Single 


Virgin VSCDX 1221

The UK boxed version of the Pop Song 5 inch CD single in carton slip-case box. Beautiful!

It’s a great box with the outer artwork as the 12″ and the 3″ and the inner box is printed with Sylvian’s discography (+ video and books). The CD case (small single case) is presented with a p/s listing the lyrics of Pop Song.

Credits: Produced by 1,2 Sylvian, Nye – 3 Sylvian.
Design by MC2.
Photography by David Buckland.
Portrait: Allistar Thain
Artwork by Russell Mills and Dave Coppenhall (mc2).


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