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A career spanning release including “Heartbeat,” “I Surrender,” “Cover Me with Flowers” and more – plus the new song “The Scent of Magnolia.”


Following 1999’s Dead Bees On A Cake, Everything and Nothing is a collection of singles, live sessions and oddities from the David Sylvian back catalogue. Since severing connections with cult 1970s/80s band, Japan, Sylvian has continued to probe the underbelly of rock/pop with often arresting results. Many of the songs here have been reworked for this collection but these updated interpretations don’t detract from any of the tender, deeply melancholic poetry of the originals. A serial collaborator, Everything and Nothing draws upon material from all his albums, including 1991’s Rain Tree Crow (with Japan members Richard Barbieri and Steve Jansen), the 1986 Ryuichi Sakamoto album Heartbeat and 1989’s Secrets Of The Beehive. In a wonderful coup for cult followers, Everything and Nothing also features the complete version of the lost Japan tune “Some Kind Of Fool”, intended for Gentlemen Take Poloraids. However, as so much of what Sylvian achieved with Japan was built on artifice, it is refreshing to hear him in a stripped down arena. The opening “The Scent of Magnolia”–part electronica, part rock–glides with a subtlety and nous that puts many practitioners in both fields to shame, while “Albuquerque” sustains a gorgeous balance between conceptual boldness and engaging melody. Everything and Nothing is a good way to sample and celebrate Sylvian in shape-shifting form. He ducks in and out of focus, between rugged ballads (the infamous “Ghosts”), avant-garde jazz (“God’s Monkey”) and–on a couple of tracks where the multi-instrumental backing is dropped for synthesisers–a successful glossy pop. —Maxine Kabuubi

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