The First Day / Darshan 2CD (Russia)

Released at November 1, 2003

Release date:

November 1, 2003 




no cat#


Tracklists are equal to original releases

2CD set containing both The First Day and Darshan

At a glance:
A remarkable release of a 2CD set, which comprises The First Day and the Darshan EP. It’s not that they just took the two older releases and boxed them together, but both the booklet and artwork and the disc of The First Day are new. The Darshan disc looks very much like the original one.

The artwork consists of a 12 page booklet with 9 pages dedicated to The First Day and 3 pages remains for the Darshan artwork (lyrics and credits).
Pictures and text are taken from the original booklets.

No references to Virgin/management or catalogue info can be found.

disc 1:

  1. God’s Monkey
  2. Jean The Birdman
  3. Firepower
  4. Brightness Falls
  5. 20th Century Dreaming
  6. Bringing Down The Light

disc 2:

  1. Darshan (Translucent Remix by The Grid)
  2. Darshana (re-constructed by The Future Sound of London)
  3. Darshan



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