Manafon (Russia)

Released at August 23, 2010

Release date:

August 23, 2010 




7695 MANAFON (only on disc)

Russian counterfeit but looks incredibly good.

Very professional counterfeit of Manafon, now packed in a standard CD jewel case.
All the artwork of the original digipack has been reproduced for artwork and 8-page booklet.
Credits in the booklet have been re-written with the usual typing mistakes e.g. Cihiris Bigg i.s.o. Chris Bigg.
The colours of the CD are a bit vague and not quite professional looking.

Samadhi Sound copyright information and barcode has been copied too.


  1. Small Metal Gods
  2. The Rabbit Skinner
  3. Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
  4. The Greatest Living Englishman
  5. 125 Spheres
  6. Snow White In Appalachia
  7. Emily Dickinson
  8. The Department Of Dead Letters
  9. Manafon

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