Gone To Earth – featuring Robert Fripp (Russia)

Released at October 21, 2001

Release date:

October 21, 2001 




ArsNova UK-004


Tracklist as original 1CD version.

Russian counterfeit

Beautiful disc. Inside the inlay you’ll find the tracklist and credits.

At a glance: On the front of the folded inlay sheet, the disc and the transparant back inlay it mentions the presence of Robert Fripp. It becomes a common thing of ArsNova to include names of participating artists on the artwork. Artwork is color photocopy of the original with font type that almost matches the original and says 500 copies only.

Best: The disc (with few mistakes like Talking The Veil and The Haeling Place) and the back-inlay top (seen through the transparent tray) shows a b/w print of the picture used for the Kings bootleg (Sylvian and Fripp).

Disc features logo of CD manufacturer, but lacks info of record label. No catalogue numbers to be found except the matrix code on the dic by the manufacturer.


  1. Taking The Veil
  2. Laughter & Forgetting
  3. Before The Bullfight
  4. Gone To Earth
  5. Wave
  6. Riverman
  7. Silver Moon
  8. The Healing Place
  9. Answered Prayers
  10. Where the Railroad Meets the Sea
  11. The Wooden Cross
  12. Home
  13. Upon This Earth
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