Blemish (Russia)

Released at August 1, 2003

Release date:

August 1, 2003 



Same tracklist as the original.

At a glance:
First, it’s not a digipack release but a standard jewel-case packaging. The inlay is a folded colour sheet with the identical font image (more green though and different fonts) and the shopper in the snow on the back. The inner part of the inlay is printed in b/w with the liner notes as on the original package, except for the information about copyrights, management, url, design etc.

On the back inlay, the barcode and the information of the label and copyright notices are missing.

The disc is copied from the original but the text is printed in orange/brown and the image of David is much darker.

The best: No type errors detected!

Overall a good production.


  1. Blemish
  2. The Good Son
  3. The Only Daughter
  4. The Heart Knows Better
  5. She Is Not
  6. Late Night Shopping
  7. A Fire In The Forest

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