Dead Bees On A Cake (Russian 1)

Released at January 1, 2000

Release date:

January 1, 2000 




Doral JPCD 9903 03,
Russia 2000

Identical tracklist as original.

At a glance:
The inlay is a folded sheet with inside a page full of credits and a page with the black and white picture of David and Ingrid. The back inlay is a straight copy of the original UK release.

The disc is printed with brown artwork. Around the hole the title is printed.

It looks like this disc and the version described above are pressed in the same factory as the matrix numbers of the discs are exactly the same. The difference is the colour of the artwork on the discs, this one is brown, the above one is orange. Titles on disc are also the same.

ALL notes on the back inlay (except tracklist) are Russian. No barcodes on the back inlay.


  1. I Surrender
  2. Dobro #1
  3. Midnight Sun
  4. Thalheim
  5. Godman
  6. Alphabet Angel
  7. Krishna Blue
  8. The Shining Of Things
  9. Café Europe
  10. Pollen Path
  11. All Of My Mother’s Names
  12. Wanderlust
  13. Praise (Pratah Smarami)
  14. Darkest Dreaming

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