Dead Bees On A Cake (Russian 2)

Released at April 1, 2001

Release date:

April 1, 2001 




G&P Music JPCD 9903 03

Tracklist as original.At a glance:
Own interpretation of the titles on the front inlay, which is just one single sheet. Disc is printed in orange with the title around the hole. All inner artwork in black and white. Outer artwork a bit too red.

Although it features just one single sheet inlay, the back of it contains the picture of David and Ingrid with a lot of credits printed on top of it. Throught the transparent tray we can see a compilation of 6 pictures, used in the original artwork, including the poem.

The front artwork says Limited Edition. No barcodes on the back with tracklist and some russian credits.
Thalheim is printed as Thalhiem


  1. I Surrender
  2. Dobro #1
  3. Midnight Sun
  4. Thalheim
  5. Godman
  6. Alphabet Angel
  7. Krishna Blue
  8. The Shining Of Things
  9. Café Europe
  10. Pollen Path
  11. All Of My Mother’s Names
  12. Wanderlust
  13. Praise (Pratah Smarami)
  14. Darkest Dreaming

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