Gone To Earth (Remastered – Russia)

Released at December 1, 2004

Release date:

December 1, 2004 




no cat#


2CD set

2CD counterfeit set of the remastered Gone To Earth

Tracklist as on the original re-issue.

Artwork for 2CD jewel case. The front is a (out of centre) copy of the original artwork as well as the back where all barcodes and label notices were removed. However, the tracklist on the back has been done again in a slightly different font.

The booklet is a 8-page copy of the original poster which can be found in the 2CD digipack original.

Overall, a well done product. Slight typo mistakes can be found in the booklet where J.G. Bennett is written as BENNPTT <sic>. All credits have been included except for those of the record label.

The discs are surprising good copies of the original discs, but again, no catalogue- or label information found on them.

Special thanks to Oleg for providing this information.



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