Russell Mills/Undark – Strange Familiar (Russia)

Released at May 16, 2000

Release date:

May 16, 2000 




RMCD 08000110

Tracklist as original.

At a glance:
Also Russia has a re-issue of the first Undark album. Beautiful artwork all over the packaging, except for a sober disc and a black and white back inlay.
The back of the front inlay (see lower left picture) is like a lot of so-called russian ‘family’ CDs (like the Japan family with releases of Karn, JBK etc.). No family name included, but most of the main participants are listed in white on a plain back background.
The inner tray is transparent and the top side is printed with beautiful Mills’ artwork.
On the back some typing errors were detected: Russell Milles and David’s commission is typed here as How Sefe Is Deep? <sic>.

The complete artwork. Tracklist same as regular release. No bar-codes on it!!

Some notes on the back inlay are Russian.


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