Russell Mills/Undark – Undark (Strange Familiar)

Released at May 1, 1996

Release date:

May 1, 1996 


1996 Time/em:t / Opium (Arts) Ltd.
2000 Bella Union Ltd.




1996 em:t3396
2000, BELLACD21

First Undark album, a project by Russell Mills.

Full tracklist

  1. Red Scatter
  2. Ice In The Sleeve
  3. Stone’s Eggs
  4. Blood Is Climbing
  5. Rain In Our Room
  6. How Safe Is Deep? (music, words and vocals)
  7. Underground Kite
  8. Her 200 Bones

In 2000 re-released (July 11, 2000) as Strange Familiar, this time on Bella Union label.


Artwork by The Designers Republic
Bass, Effects, Drone Bill Laswell
Cello: Ingrid Perrin, John Kirby (5), Julie Spencer (2), Vicky Miller
Cello: Hywel Davies
Drone: Roger Eno
Drum Programming, Sounds: Brian Eno
Drum Programming: Robin Guthrie
Engineer, Effects: Miasma
Guitar: The Edge
Infinite guitar: Michael Brook
Guitar Kevin Shields
Lyrics, Effects: David Sylvian
Percussion, Bells, Effects, Sounds: Russell Mills
Photography: Rosamond W. Purcell*
Programmed by Declan Colgan
Recorded by Alison Craig
Produced by Russell Mills with Tom Smyth and Will Joss of Miasma

Recorded & mixed at Square Centre Studios, between April & July 1996. Cellos recorded at St. Agnes Lutherian Church, London.
These recordings have been spatially expanded using the Roland Sound Space 3-D sound imaging system.

Distributed in the UK by Pinnacle / Published by t:me Recording Ltd, except track 1 published by t:me Recording & Opal Ltd; tracks 3 & 6 published by t:me Recording & Opium (Arts) Ltd. / Released in a digipak sleeve.

© 1996 t:me Recording Ltd. 1996 t:me Recording Ltd. Made in England

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