Steve Jansen – The Occurrence Of Slope

Released at November 21, 2008

Release date:

November 21, 2008 


Samadhi Sound




P-Vine Records PVDV-47

The Occurrence Of Slope – Steve Jansen’s live performance in Tokyo Feb 29th 2008 – filmed in high definition.

The DVD (in NTSC format only!) contains the full concert plus very attarctive bonus videos The live content includes previously unreleased music as well as a live interpretation of music written for Shoko Ise’s Swimming In Qualia exhibit. The extra features include exclusive, unreleased  collaborative works by Jansen & Ise – 4 film shorts with looped playback.

The stunning artwork was designed by Shoko Ise.

Musicians include:

Steve Jansen (drums, keyboards, computer programming, string arrangements)
Keigo Oyamada (guitars)
Masakatsu Takagi (piano, keyboards)
String Quartet lead by Seigen Tokuzawa

vocalists featured on screen are:

Tim Elsenburg
Anja Garbarek
Thomas Feiner
David Sylvian
Joan Wasser (Joan as Policewoman)
Nina Kinert


Tracklist of the Slope performance:

  • Prelude (opening music)
  • Grip
  • Sleepyard
  • Cancelled Pieces
  • December Train
  • Sow The Salt
  • Gap Of Cloud
  • Playground Martyrs (David Sylvian on videos screen)
  • A Way Of Disappearing
  • Ballad Of A Deadman (David Sylvian and Joan Wasser on videos screen)
  • Conversation Over
  • Life Moves On
  • Playground Martyrs (reprise)

Just for the version of Playground Martyrs (reprise) by Nina Kinert (known for her magnificant album Beast), I would buy this dvd. Breath taking vocals and a stunning video on screen.



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