Released at December 6, 1993

Release date:

December 6, 1993 


Virgin Records Ltd.


CD Single 


Virgin SYLCD1
Japan VJCP 2003

Masterpiece and underrated.

Written by Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn, Bottrill. Remixed by The Grid.
Except 2 written by Sylvian, Fripp, Gunn, Bottrill, Cobain, Doughans.
Reconstructed by The Future Sound Of London.

Credits: Produced by Sylvian, Bottrill.

Extra images: examples of the Japanese EP.
These come with the beloved obi (on the left) and a separate inlay sheet with lyrics. This is similar to the Japanese video releases.
There is supposed to be a different artwork of the inlay but I have not seen this anywhere.

Darshan – variations on a theme

I was notified by Sven Jacobs about possible differences in various Darshan releases. He enclosed scans of a possible ‘review copy’ of the CD which differs in colours of artwork and disc. Taking a closer look on the two other copies of Darshan it made clear that colours used for printing is depending on the country of release:
UK: disc print and title bars: dark blue/purple print.
Holland: disc print and title bars: light purple print.
review copy: disc print and title bars: light purple print, different BIEM/STEMRA mark on disc.

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