Random Acts Of Senseless Violence

Released at September 14, 2009

Release date:

September 14, 2009


Opium (Arts) Ltd.






Under yellow light
Comes the face of tomorrow
Lights the fuse gives meaning to
All that was previously hollow

To a soundtrack track of sirens
And mute aspiration
The express train to Heathrow
First of the morning
Is leaving the station

Our reckless sun rises
On the tip of the iceberg
Hidden in plain sight
Still alive and full of surprises
A generation gone soft
Over new acquisitions
That can't take the edge off

I've put away my childish things
Abandoned my silence too
For the future will contain
Random acts of senseless violence

The targets hit will be non-specific
We'll roll the numbers, play with chance
All suitable locations
Unplanned in advance

Someone's back kitchen
Stacked like a factory
With improvised devices
There's bound to be injuries
With improvised devices
No phone-ins, no courtesy
No kindness

And the future will contain
Random acts of senseless violence

And it's not just the boredom
It's something endemic
It's the fear of disorder
Stretched to its limits
And the safety in numbers is just a contrivance
For the future will contain
Random acts of senseless violence

Democracy is very
Democracy is very merry



Featuring Keith Rowe and Werner Dafeldecker


music: dafeldecker/fennesz/moser/rowe/sylvian
lyrics: sylvian
guitar: keith rowe
piano: john tilbury
acoustic bass: werner dafeldecker
cello: michael moser
laptop, guitar: christian fennesz
turntables: otomo yoshihide
trumpet: franz hautzinger
vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar: david sylvian
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