Le Pollen (promo remix)

Released at January 1, 1982

Release date:

January 1, 1982







"Aujourd'hui, je suis ce que je suis
Nous sommes qui nous sommes
Et tout ca, c'est la somme
Du pollen dont on s'est nourri"

"Today, I am who I am
We are who we are
And everything is, as it is
The pollen which we feed on"

(Text by Pierre Barouh)

Previously unknown remix of Pierre Barouh’s Le Pollen track!

Found! It’s a not simply an edit of the album version but a completely different mix.
Comments by Paul Rymer: you hear different parts of the arrangement, most noticeably a bird tweet noise and some different guitar phrases including a different long-note solo. The opening and ending of the track has different weather noises

Originally, Barouh, Sylvian and Takahashi are talking in a restaurant, naming up their favorite people.

Music: Pierre Barouh and Yukihiro Takahashi.

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