Hector Zazou – Sahara Blue (1st edition)

Sahara Blue 1st ed. - front
Released at December 1, 1991

Release date:

December 1, 1991 


Crammed Discs




Belgium Crammed MTM32,
Australia Dolphin DOL0018-2
Germany BMG Ariola 74321 11208 2
France COL 472126 2

First edition from 1992. The 1st edition features To A Reason and Victim Of Stars.

Right after it’s release, Virgin Records (or David; see Zazou comments below) objected to two songs on this  original pressing: To A Reason, Victim Of Stars. Both tracks feature David Sylvian, who was signed to Virgin at the time, on lead vocals.
This edition was replaced by a more common one on which these two songs were replaced. This makes this first edition very, very rare!

Though Sylvian is named on this edition (contributing guitar and to  the writing), his remaining vocal performances are credited  pseudonymously as Mr. X

Track list:

  1. I’ll Strangle You
  2. First Evening (Guitar)
  3. Ophelie (music w/ Zazou)
  4. Lines
  5. To A Reason (vocal,guitar,words)
  6. Hapolot Kenym
  7. Hunger
  8. Sahara Blue (walkie-talkie)
  9. Amdyaz
  10. Victim Of Stars (words, music, vocals)
  11. Harar Et Les Gallas
  12. Lettre Au Directeur (words, final text, guitars)


International version (i.e. Columbia 472126 2).
Australian version Dolphin DOL0018-2 comes with fold-out poster inlay.
German version (BMG Ariola 74321 11208 2)
Japanese version: 1992, Sony Records SRCS 5975

Hector Zazou comments in Strong Currents booklet:

It was once again Jacques Pasquier who had the idea of setting to music Rimbaud’s poems: he had asked me to compose something for the 100th anniversary of Rimbaud’s death, which was being celebrated at the Grande Halle of La Villette. It had to be a kind of ambient music for an event that lasted 24 hours. I suggested a collaborative work between Sakamoto, Sylvian, Laurie Anderson and myself. I can’t remember exactly why Laurie Anderson didn’t take part in the project. We went in the studio and came up with a work in progress, and Jacques wanted to finalize it on record. The other guests came later, gradually, as Jacques was able to find the money to pay them.
There was no serious problem or misunderstanding with any of these people. Even with David Sylvian, who didn’t want the songs he sang to be included in the final version of Sahara Blue (there is another version  in which he sings on two tracks). He never explained his reasons for refusing, and this hurt me; but time has passed and we are in touch again now”.

  • Sahara Blue 1st ed. - front

  • Sahara Blue 1st ed. - disc

  • Sahara Blue 1st ed. - back

  • Sahara Blue 1st ed. German - front

  • Sahara Blue 1st ed. German - disc

  • Sahara Blue 1st ed. German - back

  • Sahara Blue 1st ed. German - page 24 of booklet

  • Sahara Blue 1st ed. Australia - disc

  • Sahara Blue 1st ed. Australia - back


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