Melaine Dalibert – Cheminant

Cheminant - front
Released at July 1, 2019

Release date:

July 1, 2019 


elsewhere music 2019





elsewhere 007


David Sylvian provided artwork and mixing advice for this recording by pianist Melaine Dalibert on Yuko Zama’s elsewhere label.

Track one is dedicated to David Sylvian by the artist.

Four-panel gatefold wallet with one disc, artwork by David Sylvian, design by Yuko Zama. Limited edition of 500. Tracklisting:

  1. Music in an octave (2018)
    – for David Sylvian
  2. Percolations (for right hand) (2018)
    – for Yuko Zama
  3. From zero to infinity (2019)
    – for Peter Garland
  4. Cheminant (2018)
    – for Reinier van Houdt
  5. Étude II (2017)

all compositions and piano by Melaine Dalibert

recorded by Herve Jegaden and David Launay at HD Studio
in Saint Maugan, Brittany, France in February 2019
mixed and mastered by Taku Unami
mixing advice by David Sylvian

artwork by David Sylvian
design by Yuko Zama
produced by Yuko Zama

special thanks to: David Sylvian and Cyril Jollard

From the release announcement:
“All five pieces were composed by Dalibert in 2017-2019, reflecting his current interest in questioning how the harmonic shifts could affect the listening experience with subtly evolving chords through a scale or different tones, creating a similar state to vertigo. Diverse as they may seem, all five pieces attain delicately balanced harmonization of rich layers of the woody, warm direct tones of the piano, overtones and resonances, blended to form a complex harmonic beauty exquisitely delivered with Dalibert’s virtuosic piano techniques.”

  • Cheminant - front

  • Cheminant - outer

  • Cheminant - inner

  • Cheminant - rear

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