The Golden Way

Released at July 1, 1996

Release date:

July 1, 1996


1996 Materiali Sonori Scarl. Italy






© 1995 Opium (Arts) Ltd. / Materiali Sonori Edizioni Musicali

She said "come to me
and sit you down"
You'll always return as I promised you would
When you're through playing games with the bad and the good
Immerse your heart
The remains of the day
On the golden way

She's telling me stories
of surrender and joy
Of warrior gods that the heavens deployed
And love that spills out from the words on the page
In this golden age
In this golden age
In this golden age

Shoot an arrow to Shiva through the blood of the sun
The prayers of a lifetimes will not go unsung
On the golden way
On the golden way
The shadows emerge from night into day
And rally through lifetime in anger and rage
But love embraces all
In the golden age
In this golden age

The knife enters deep but I'm longing to sing
The fool's ready to take the place of the king
It's the wildest of things
Destroyed and glistening
On the silent wings
On the golden Way

Track from the Marco Polo project of Alesini and Andreoni.

Nicola Alesini: soprano sax, keyboards, drum programming
Pier Luigi Andreoni: keyboards, sampled bass, cymbals
Damiano Puliti: cello
David Sylvian: vocals


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