Flux And Mutability

Released at September 1, 1989

Release date:

September 1, 1989 


1989 Virgin Records Ltd.




Venture Records CD: CDVE 43
Venture Records LP: VE 43

Second collaboration with Holger CzukayComposed and produced by Sylvian/Czukay
Engineerd by Czukay
Technical advice and assistence Rene Tinner

Art direction Sylvian/Fujii
Cover art photography and design Yuka Fujii
Front cover photography by David Buckland
Published by Opium (Arts) Ltd./Spoon Music

Buzzes and fluctuations recorded live at Can studio Dec 88

Note: Back of vinyl sleeve lists record sides as I & II, record label lists sides as A & B.

Side A

A Flux (A Big, Bright, Colourful World) 16:52

Flugelhorn – Markus Stockhausen
Guitar – Michael Karoli
Guitar, Bass, Radio, Dictaphone, Voice – Holger Czukay
Guitar, Keyboards – David Sylvian
Percussion – Jaki Liebezeit
Voice – Michi B
Mixed By – David Sylvian , Holger Czukay , Ren Tinner

Side B

Mutability (“A New Beginnings Is In The Offing”) 21:02

African Flute – Jaki Liebezeit
Guitar, Keyboards – David Sylvian
Mixed by DavidSylvian, Holger Czukay

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