Stefano Panunzi – Beyond The Illusion

Released at June 12, 2021

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June 12, 2021 


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Stefano Panunzi, maker of two of my favorite albums; ‘Timelines’ and ‘A Rose’ (both featuring Mick Karn) has released a new prog (and jazzy) album: ‘Beyond The Illusion’.

Again, it’s a remarkable album from Stefano and he gets a lot of help from people like Tim Bowness, Grice Peters, Nicola Lori, Mike Applebaum and Gavin Harrison.

Burning Shed says: “Stefano Panunzi’s 2021 release Beyond The Illusion expertly blends cinematic Art Rock with Ambient and Jazz influences.

Again, Stefano made a great album with 8 instrumental tracks (CD version) and 4 vocal tracks with contributions of Tim Bowness, GRICE.


  • When Even Love Cannot
  • The Awakening
  • The Bitter Taste Of Your Smile
  • Acid Love (CD only)
  • I Go Deeper
  • Mystical Tree
  • The Bench
  • Her
  • We Are Not Just What We Are (5:08)
  • The Portrai
  • The Doubt (CD only)
  • I Am! (CD only)

My favorite tracks are The Bitter Taste Of Your Smile (Sylvianesque), I Go Deeper and Her.

The album is released in CD format with a massive 67 minutes of music and on red coloured 180g vinyl in gatefold sleeve with 9 tracks. The vinyl artwork is superb.

Any David Sylvian, Steve Jansen (Exit North) or Richard Barbieri (who gets a ‘ thank you’ in the liner notes) fan can buy this prog record without listening first. Recommended!

Buy it at Burning Shed Stefano Panunzi's official site

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