Unreleased mixes unveiled at Punkt 2019

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September 6, 2019

A number of unreleased mixes of David Sylvian tracks are being unveiled as part of the programme at Punkt 2019.

Erik Honoré writes:

To mark the 15th Punkt Edition, we allow ourselves a retrospective exhibition in Hall 1 at the SKMU (Sørlandet Art Museum) on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 September:
Projections of Nina Birkeland’s graphic work and Alf Solbakken’s photos from the 15 festivals – accompanied by a “mixtape” of Jan Bang / Erik Honoré’s collaborations with various Norwegian and international musicians, including alternative mixes and unreleased material.
Mixtape track list:
1. Drug Mule – Jan Bang
2. Unrest – Erik Honoré
3. Is There a Limit for the Internal? – Arve Henriksen | Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang | J. r. French
4. The God of Small Caresses (edit) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré | David Sylvian
5. Chiaro – Arve Henriksen
6. Self Injury – Jan Bang
7. Angels (instrumental version) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré
8. Punkt Live Remix – Jon Hassell | Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang | Erik Honoré
9. David Toop / Sidsel Endresen (Live remix edit) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré w/ Eivind Aarset, Anders Engen and Mats Eilertsen
10. Her Ghost – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré feat. Sidsel Endresen
11. Last Chance Gas & Water – Erik Honoré
12. Between Them – Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang | Laraaji
13. Emily Dickinson (Instrumental remix) – David Sylvian
14. Abandoned Cathedral (instrumental version) – Arve Henriksen
15. Manafon (Jan Bang | Erik Honoré instrumental remix) – David Sylvian
16. Noticing Things: n1 Replica. n2 Flooded Corridors. n3 Implanted Memories – Bang/Fujikura
17. The God of Tiny Islands (instrumental version) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré | David Sylvian
18. Three Trapped Tigers (unmastered) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré | Sidsel Endresen
19. Monochrome (previously unreleased) – Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang
20. A Certain Slant of Light (instrumental remix, extract) – David Sylvian
21. Birth Wish – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré (feat. Christian Wallumrød | Arve Henriksen)
22. Thoughts and Prayers (Instrumental version) – Dark Star Safari

For details of the Punkt 2019 programme – which also includes the premiere of Yuka Fujii’s film ‘Like Planets’ with soundtrack by Mark Wastell featuring David Sylvian – click here.


UPDATE (December 8, 2019)

The unveiling of a number of unreleased mixes of collaborations between David Sylvian and Erik Honoré/Jan Bang never happened!
Erik Honoré noted:

We removed all Sylvian related material before the Punkt Projections exhibition was set up at the festival, as there was some confusion regarding “unreleased mixes”. So the information on this page is not correct.
No Sylvian material at all was played at the projection, and that of course means that we also removed all references to him in posters etc.

This was supposed to be part of the Punkt Projections, an installation to mark 15 years of Punkt. So, the original announcement of the tracklist on this page was misleading. This fansite is only referencing the unreleased mixes that were advertised but not ultimately used.

A reason for removing the mixes from the exhibition tape was not given.

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