David tours again in 2004 and gets a new website

Steve Jansen - copyright Dirk Tholenaar for davidsylvian.net
Published at September 2, 2003

David will tour with Steve in 2004 and there will be a new davidsylvian.com! According to the latest Touch newsletter, davidsylvian.com is to be redesigned to by Philip Marshall of http://www.rebelsincontrol.com . This might be related to the next album on Samadhi Sound, an album by David and Steve together, featuring experimental, electronic music. This is probably also the reason for the need of a new site as the current one has a very ‘blemish’ look. In the recent interview on KCRW’s New Ground, hosted by Chris Douridas, David said that Steve and he will tour again in 2004 to promote their new recording.

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