Preparations For A Journey (Russian)

Released at September 1, 2006

Release date:

September 1, 2006 



Russian bootleg on VCD.

The bootleg has the VCD format. Quality is …. ok, but I can’t find a reason why the makers did not take the effort of producing a proper DVD.

Artwork is a bit of a mess. The credits do not match together. Page 2 and 3 should be swapped.
Error in title of Showing the Wound on page 5.
No catalogue numbers detected.
Artwork claims that this is a promotional only release. Right!

Video dir. Yasuyuki Yamaguchi and David Sylvian.
Produced by Mick Tachikawa and Tadahiko Nobe.
Cover design and photography by Yuka Fujii.

Video list:

  1. Preparations For A Journey
  2. The Women At The Well
  3. The Women At The Well (Version)
  4. Pilenze Pee (traditional)
  5. Kalimankon Denkon (traditional)
  6. Showing The Wound
  • Video

  • Video


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