Sleepwalkers (fake Japanese promo)

Released at September 1, 2010

Release date:

September 1, 2010 





Fake Japanese CD-R promo with single-sided information sheet of Sleepwalkers.

It seems to be a new way of making money: making counterfeit Japanese promos. Although this one seemed to be genuine, further inquiries at P-Vine Records in Japan made clear that this is a bootleg!

The responsable person for releases of David Sylvian at P-Vine Records in Japan wrote to me:

We made a CDR with possibly 2 to 3 songs that we gave to Sony, so that they could let the store buyers hear some of the music (this is a Sony  distribution). We never write the tracklist in Japanese, and we NEVER print the title on the CD diskface itself (we just put a sticker on it, as printing on the label itself is costly & time consuming). Sony would never make a promo like this for a distribution product. We have no idea who made this. Some of the language on there is unnatural also, phrases we would never use.

Be warned!



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