Live In Theatre 1988

Released at December 2, 1988

Release date:

December 2, 1988 




Live Storm/PostScript PSCD1139

Italian bootleg

Live in Japan (Nakano Sun Plaza Hall on 12 April 1988)

playing time: 61:48 Same show as above. Almost the same quality. Excellent artwork. Misprint by stating that the show was recorded in Europe. It is not!

Anonymous review:

Excellent quality, undoubtedly taken (as with In Praise of Shamans) from the source tapes for the FM Tokyo broadcast. (How to tell? Robbie Aceto comes in too early on one of the verses of “Taking the veil.”) The version of “Gone to earth” heard here is very different from the LP version, much more laid back, and (dare I say it?) jazzy, even.

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