Live In Japan (Russian VCD)

Released at October 6, 1998

Release date:

October 6, 1998 


VAP Inc.




VPVD 70517

Early release on VCD

Although it’s a (VCD 2.0) video CD with a rip of the Japanese laserdisc, the quality of this VCD is very good.
The complete tracklist of the laserdisc is on this VCD.
Inlay is a photo-quality print of the laserdisc sleeve.

Watch it, the VCD is a regular CDW, but with printed (good quality!) top.
Ignore the nonsence of the catalogue numbers as this video cd has never been officially released.

Video list:

  1. God’s Monkey
  2. Brightness Falls
  3. Every Colour You Are
  4. Jean The Birdman
  5. Firepower
  6. Damage
  7. Exposure
  8. Gone To Earth
  9. 20th Century Dreaming
  10. Wave
  11. Riverman
  12. Darshan
  13. The First Day
  14. Blinding Light Of heaven

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