Playground Martyrs + Transit (medley, live 2007)

Released at September 7, 2007

Release date:

September 7, 2007






Playground Martyrs

You run to the gate
but you'll be marked late
it's for your own good
it's for your own good

You're likely to make
the grandest mistakes
you suffer alone
in the skin and the bones

Let's sharpen those
new sets of arrows
for the next generation
of playground martyrs

And joining the game
of intolerable shame
'cause everyone shares
innocence of their fathers

School bell rings
single file in
trade you my
unhappily ever after

So bring out those things
to hammer the wings
of the next generation



I have listened repeatedly
I have listened very well
No one interrupts the harmful
When they're speaking

To wonder why of Europe
Say your goodbyes to Europe
Swallow the lie of Europe
Our shared history dies with Europe

(follow me, won't you follow me?)

A future's hinting at itself
Do you fear what I fear?
All those names of ancestry
Too gentle for the stones they bear

Someone somewhere wants to see you
Someone's traveling towards us all

To wonder why of Europe
To live, love, and cry in Europe
Say your goodbyes to Europe
Our history dies with Europe

(follow me, won't you follow me?)

The lights are dimming
The lounge is dark
The best cigarette is saved for last
We drink alone
We drink alone



Playground Martyrs: Originally found on Steve Jansen album Slope.
Transit: Originally found on the Christian Fennesz album Venice

Performed by David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Keith Lowe, Theo Travis and Takuma Watanabe with lighting designed by Haruki Kaito


  • Turin

  • Paris

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