Tokyo Japan, Bunkamura Orchard Hall

October 30, 2007

October 30, 2007. Due to illness of David, the Tokyo show shortened significantly.Setlist:

01 Wonderful World
02 It’ll Never Happen Again
03 World Citizen
04 The Day The Earth Stole Heaven
05 Ride
06 Playground Martyrs – Transit
07 Fire In The Forest – Ghosts
08 Snow Borne Sorrow
09 Jean The Birdman
10 Sugarfuel
11 The Librarian

No encore.

After Snow Borne Sorrow, Sylvian announced that due to a cold he would have to “cut a couple of songs from the setlist”, but very few in the audience imagined that 3 songs later it would all be over (listen to this announcement in the sampleplayer on the page).
Of course the audience reacted graciously, as it was through no fault of Sylvian. However the mood afterwards in the hall foyer was distinctly solemn and disconsolate.

Listen to the announcement:

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