Hong Kong, Hitec Hall B

October 27, 2007

October 27, 2007


Wonderful World
It’ll Never Happen Again
World Citizen/I Won’t Be Disappointed/World Citizen
The Day The Earth Stole Heaven
Playground Martyrs/Transit
A Fire In The Forest/Ghosts
Snow Borne Sorrow
Mother And Child
Jean The Birdman
Sugar Fuel
Brilliant Trees/Before The Bullfight/Nostalgia/Before The Bullfight
The Librarian

1st encore
Every Colour You Are/Riverman/Every Colour You Are 

2nd encore

David Sylvian : guitars, vocals
Steve Jansen : drums & keyboards
Keith Lowe : basses
Takuma Watanabe : keyboards


Review (original posted on news.sina.com.hk, translation by Derm’s wife):

David Sylvian of Japan, the front man of a 80s super English band, performed in HK last night. It was like a pilgrimage for his  dedicated fans who have followed him for years. Some crazy foreign fans attempted to crash into backstage. David probably felt intimidated by it and did not show up for the after-gig party.

Apart from fans who flew all the way from Europe to HK, a number of local celebrities and music people were at the gig. Anthony Wong, an  acclaimed HK musician, who is widely known for his affection towards David Sylvian’s music, was performing for the closing ceremony of a national film award in SuZhou, and therefore missed the gig. Another famous singer, Remus Choi (pictured), sighed and expressed that he had waited 25years for this gig. David Sylvian’s last open performance in HK was in December 1982 with the group Japan.

David had to cancel his tour in Moscow and a couple of other cities due to his physical condition. He apparently was still unwell last night, whereas it did not affect his performance. Especially when he sang Ghost, a Japan era song, he drew all audiences emotionally indulged in his music immensely. Audiences did not want to leave even after the third encore.

David supposed to show up in the after show party. However due to the crazy fans threatening behaviours, it was only attended by his brother Steve Jansen. It seemed that David was very interested in the toys available in Hong Kong. Reportedly, he was shopping for some toys in Mongkok.


Shown pictures are by ‘Johnny’ and Christy Ting.

  • Hong Kong 2007- Christy Ting

  • Hong Kong 2007- Christy Ting

  • Hong Kong 2007- Christy Ting

  • Hong Kong 2007- Christy Ting

  • Hong Kong 2007- Christy Ting

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