A Fire In The Forest (live 2003, 2004)

Released at September 23, 2003

Release date:

September 23, 2003





There is always sunshine
Above the grey sky
I will try to find it
Yes, I will try

My mind has been wandering
I hardly noticed
It's running on its own steam
I let it go
Oh here comes my childhood
A penny for your secrets
It's standing in the window
Not out here where it belongs

There's a fire in the forest
It's taking down some trees
When things are overwhelming
I let them be
I would like to see you
It's lovely to see you
Come and take me somewhere
Come take me out

There is always sunshine
Far above the grey sky
I know that I will find it
Yes, I will try

Live in Tokyo 2004

Originally from the  album Blemish.

David Sylvian: guitar, vocals
Steve Jansen: percussion
Takagi Masakatsu: visuals

  • Live in Tokyo 2004

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