Manchester UK, Bridgewater Hall

September 24, 2003

September 24, 2003


The Good Son
The Only Daughter
The Heart Knows Better
She Is Not
Late Night Shopping
How Little We Need To Be Happy
A Fire In The Forest
The Other Side Of Life
When Poets Dreamed Of Angels + Cries And Whispers (medley)
The Shining Of Things
Blue Skinned Gods
Wasn’t I Joe?

1st Encore
World Citizen

2nd Encore
Jean The Birdman

More pictures of Martin Bostock can be found in the gallery.


Review by anonymous:

just got back from the manchester concert,the song he sang in hindi,he said was called praise.though more relaxed tonight felt bristol was a much better show.feel that a show based on a difficult album and heavy on new material brave.this proved to much for a guy sitting next to me at bristol,and walk out in disgust at the close of the blemish part of the show.but for me ,i felt david was right to go in this direction.blemish could almost be thought of as a studio album only ,and to play not only some ,but all of it live ,and make me love it a great show of david/steves power as live artists.also the closing new material was incredibly strong.and i would rather have new stuff than ghosts for the 1000th timebut still was so good to hear the other side of life live.does that mean david is finaly getting comfortable with his days in japan.i hope so as im so old this is where i came in,and japans music still means a great deal to me.a final word on the visuals for the show,this was an interesting and stricking aid to the show and realy gave colour to the music


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