Frankfurt Germany, Mozartsall

October 1, 2003

October 1, 2003


The Good Son
The Only Daughter
The Heart Knows Better
She Is Not
Late Night Shopping
How Little We Need To Be Happy
A Fire In The Forest
The Other Side Of Life
When Poets Dreamed Of Angels + Cries And Whispers (medley)
The Shining Of Things
Blue Skinned Gods
Wasn’t I Joe?

1st Encore
World Citizen

2nd Encore
Jean The Birdman


Review #3
Thanks a lot for this concert. Have missed David’s concert fifteen years ago though I‘m living in the near of Frankfurt. Shame on me! But the performance I could see this year was really great. I must admit that there is a „hard job to do“ to get familiar with the songs of „Blemish“. But it’s worthwile and the concert which was added by visual support helped a bit to get into this kind of atmosphere which is different to David’s former vocal work. The interpretations of some of David’s older songs, like „Maria“, „The other side of life“ or the Blues-Version of „Jean the Birdman“ were really brilliant. The new songs „Wasn’t I Joe?“, „Blue skinned gods“ and the track „World citizen“ he wrote together with Ryuichi Sakamoto nearly overwhelmed me. More of this! I hope it won’t last fifteen years again to see David back in Germany. God bless you! Oliver from Wiesbaden, Germany. P.S.: Why is „World citizen“ a japanese only release???

Review #2
So much is already said about the blemish album, rumours about his private life, the concert and presumable I would repeat all the others, which I don´t want to do now. Just let me say, that I was always a fan of Sylvians silent and shade sounds, his artistically demand, the graphic representations – and this concert got one´s money´s worth. I really enjoyed the atmospheric density – so much that I can´t get rid of this mood since two days. David and Steve, it´s great to have you back in Germany after 15 (!!!) long years! Definitive too long. I don´t like your slowness in that way. And I think, that I´m not alone with this opinion. Three sold out concerts in Germany should encourage you for your next tour. You still have fans in Germany (even after „blemish“ ;-))

Review #1
there-s been a lot of talk about the extraordinarily excessive live-footage of the blemish-album at the fire of the forest-tour 03. yes, one can-t really fall in love with ‘good son’ or ‘how little we need to be happy’, but the rest of the concert was absolutely brilliant. the dark and droning versions of ‘the heart knows better’, ‘late might shopping’ and ‘maria’ were mesmerising, and the new tracks like ‘Blue Skinned Gods’ or ‘Wasn-t I Joe’ are more than mouthwatering previews of DS´ next releases. Standing Ovations and Davis throwing kisses in the audience were a proof that this was a special evening for the artists, as well …


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