Cover Me with Flowers

Released at October 9, 2000

Release date:

October 9, 2000


Virgin Records Ltd.






Opium (Arts) Ltd.

Hold your head up sonny boy
Let the earth dry on it
It won't hurt you
It won't hurt you

Tell me something sonny boy
Baptised and plunged
Is it worth it?
It must be worth it

Hold your head up sonny boy
It won't hurt you
It won't hurt

Let's renew the promise
Break our wings upon it
If in peace there's power
Cover me with flowers

Tie your shoelace little girl
Time is waiting on it
And when it's over
And when it's over ... ?

I can offer nothing
This nothing's everlasting
I could be Shiva lying
Beneath ferocious darkness
My heart's devoured
Cover me with flowers

Let me see your face
Of all enduring grace
Let me take a crack at
All that matters
And in the weightless hours
Cover me with flowers

Cover me with flowers

(taken from the lyrics inlay of the Japanese E&N album)

Taken from the Dead Bees sessions. Previously unreleased


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