Unreleased mixes unveiled at Punkt 2019

A number of unreleased mixes of David Sylvian tracks are being unveiled as part of the programme at Punkt 2019.

Erik Honoré writes:

To mark the 15th Punkt Edition, we allow ourselves a retrospective exhibition in Hall 1 at the SKMU (Sørlandet Art Museum) on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 September:
Projections of Nina Birkeland’s graphic work and Alf Solbakken’s photos from the 15 festivals – accompanied by a “mixtape” of Jan Bang / Erik Honoré’s collaborations with various Norwegian and international musicians, including alternative mixes and unreleased material.
Mixtape track list:
1. Drug Mule – Jan Bang
2. Unrest – Erik Honoré
3. Is There a Limit for the Internal? – Arve Henriksen | Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang | J. r. French
4. The God of Small Caresses (edit) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré | David Sylvian
5. Chiaro – Arve Henriksen
6. Self Injury – Jan Bang
7. Angels (instrumental version) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré
8. Punkt Live Remix – Jon Hassell | Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang | Erik Honoré
9. David Toop / Sidsel Endresen (Live remix edit) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré w/ Eivind Aarset, Anders Engen and Mats Eilertsen
10. Her Ghost – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré feat. Sidsel Endresen
11. Last Chance Gas & Water – Erik Honoré
12. Between Them – Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang | Laraaji
13. Emily Dickinson (Instrumental remix) – David Sylvian
14. Abandoned Cathedral (instrumental version) – Arve Henriksen
15. Manafon (Jan Bang | Erik Honoré instrumental remix) – David Sylvian
16. Noticing Things: n1 Replica. n2 Flooded Corridors. n3 Implanted Memories – Bang/Fujikura
17. The God of Tiny Islands (instrumental version) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré | David Sylvian
18. Three Trapped Tigers (unmastered) – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré | Sidsel Endresen
19. Monochrome (previously unreleased) – Eivind Aarset | Jan Bang
20. A Certain Slant of Light (instrumental remix, extract) – David Sylvian
21. Birth Wish – Jan Bang | Erik Honoré (feat. Christian Wallumrød | Arve Henriksen)
22. Thoughts and Prayers (Instrumental version) – Dark Star Safari

For details of the Punkt 2019 programme – which also includes the premiere of Yuka Fujii’s film ‘Like Planets’ with soundtrack by Mark Wastell featuring David Sylvian – click here.



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