Visionaire Sound 53

A stunning 5  LP/2 CD Box Set with a mini clubman mini-record player all in one neat-box. Part of a numbered limited edition of 4,000 only.

Featuring everybody from Lalo Schifrin to U2, Unkle, Delia  Derbyshire, Pet Shop Boys, Sunn O))) and many more. “Visionaire SOUND will consist of five 12-inch vinyl records, imprinted with images (picture discs), containing approximately 100 minutes of sound content featuring audio experiments, unreleased songs, samples, and spoken word pieces. The 5 records are ackaged inside a domed case that also houses a custom-made Mini Clubman “Vinyl Killer” Record Player: a battery-operated toy car containing speakers and a needle. As the little car drives along the records groove, it plays each track, acting as a fully portable record player and sound system. The issue also includes 2 CD’s with all the  sound content, and a booklet of credits and instructions.
Price is about £199.99.

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